Floating 6' wide "L" dock on Hudson River in Lake Luzerne while water level is low

Floating dock in commercial application used in quarry in Cohoes to access floating barge

Floating "T" dock on quarry pond in Greenfield Center - 4x10 ramp, 6x10 dock

​Adjustable wheeled dock

Floating "L" dock installed on Lake Desolation

Customer installed boardwalk to cross marshy area in Lake Desolation

Fixed "T" dock easily installed by homeowner on Lake Eaton in Long Lake

Floating dock with mahogany colored composite panels delivered and installed on Cranberry Lake in Wanakena

Set Deck freestanding 8' x 10' moveable platform with handrails at Northville Lake camp

Floating "T" dock on the Hudson River in Lake Luzerne

Track mounted accessories

Set Deck freestanding 10' x 10' moveable platform with ramp and handrails attached

We are an authorized dealer of Shore Side Docks aluminum docks, stairs, freestanding decks and handicap ramps.

​Shore Side Docks has been manufacturing quality custom aluminum docks since 1996. All of their products are made right in Massachusetts from US aluminum. And they stand behind their products with an impressive warranty program.

​Shore Side Docks are available in floating, fixed, or wheeled systems. They are constructed from light-weight, sturdy aluminum frames topped with removable panels of cedar, composite or PVC, making spring set up and fall removal a breeze. And they are modular, so they can be reconfigured and expanded as your needs change. There are many accessories available, such as cleats, bumpers, handrails, benches, kayak racks, or ladders which bolt to the track so can be relocated. You can even add a boat lift or canopy.

​They also fabricate aluminum stairs to your specific needs. The treads are available in aluminum, cedar, composite or PVC. They are light-weight, making them ideal for removal in fall to prevent ice damage. If ordered with aluminum or PVC treads they only weigh approximately 12 lbs. per step. We have a 4-step set with composite treads displayed outside of our office.

​If you are looking for a deck or landing, they offer a line of freestanding aluminum decks. They come in a wide variety of sizes and in most cases, since they sit on independent adjustable legs with no footings required, you don't need a permit. They also use panelized decking which is available in cedar, composite and PVC.

​Freedom Ramps are a line of modular aluminum ADA compliant handicap ramps and railings also manufactured by them. These ramps can be set up, taken down, and relocated if you move. Click here to be taken to the Freedom Ramp website.


​Stop by or call us to discuss your dock, stair, deck, or handicap ramp system project.

Floating 4' wide straight dock on Great Sacandaga Lake

Aluminum stairs with composite treads

Shore Side Docks website

Removable aluminum stairs and 3' x 12' gangway on Great Sacandaga Lake

Happy customers enjoying their self-installed fixed dock on Lake Eaton in Long Lake

Aluminum floating dock with removable composite panels

Hudson River in Lake Luzerne

Customer installed floating slip dock in Day on Great Sacandaga Lake

Floating 6' wide dock in Day on Great Sacandaga Lake

Floating "T" dock installed on Great Sacandaga Lake in Northville

Adirondack Floating Dock Shop