Adirondack Floating Dock Shop

Boat Moorings & Dock Anchors

Come see our large selection of dock anchors & boat moorings as well as an assortment of boat anchors.

​Our dock anchors and boat moorings are specially designed so that the attachment point is fully integrated within the anchor and won't break off from the stress caused by wind and wakes. We also use a high pressure (3,000 psi) concrete to increase the density of our anchors. And since the bottoms are textured, they won't slide along the lake floor. Plus, we appropriately size our anchors according to your boat/dock size and specific location on the lake.

​​We will deliver and install your dock anchor and/or boat mooring from our workboats using American made galvanized chain and hardware. Please ask for a quote.

We can also swap out your summer buoy for an ice buoy in the fall to ensure that your mooring does not get lost or relocated by ice over the winter, then swap it back in early spring.